broadcast (tv/radio)

Having a consistent voice for your brand is vital, and TV and radio give you the chance to actually make it heard. Whether it’s informative or promotional, or anything in between, we’ll help you put your message on the air and on the minds of people everywhere.

The Enterprise: Classifieds

How do you make the classifieds section of a newspaper intriguing and entertaining? Without a big budget? And without leaving the studio? We believe you do it by adding a little drama and humor.

WB Mason: Amazing Delivery

WB Mason understands that there’s nothing worse than receiving an incomplete order of office supplies. So they’ll go to amazing lengths to ensure that never happens. That’s the message we delivered in this spot with the help of a stuntman, an abandoned airfield, and a couple of sweet old ladies.

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ECSB: Business Services

Armed with a series of images of their diverse customer base, we created an animated tapestry to present the business services of East Cambridge Savings Bank. Leveraging the hexagonal design of their logo, the spot reinforces their brand while offering an easily editable framework for other promotions and messages.

East Cambridge Savings

At a time when banks were being bought and sold at every turn, we wanted to assure customers that the new look of East Cambridge Savings Bank was simply the result of a rebrand and nothing more. We also wanted to do it in a way that would appeal to a broader audience and grow the institution’s customer base. Allow us to introduce Mrs. Parker.

Rebrand Radio • Mrs. Parker

School House Capital

It’s never too early to start saving for a child’s college education. And who better to convey that message than a talking baby? Hear what this little one has to say about the features and benefits of the 529 plan from The Education Plan of New Mexico.

529 Plan • Talking Baby

Direct Federal

It was the worst winter on record in New England. Roofs leaked. Pipes burst. Basements flooded. People needed to make repairs and make them fast. So we let them know about Direct Federal Credit Union’s low-rate Home Equity Line. Hear how we did it without even mentioning the four-letter word of the moment—snow!

Home Equity Line Radio • Bleep