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Welcome to a place where the idea is still king. An agency where the work isn’t about us, or even about you. It’s about the people you’re trying to reach. Let us help you talk to them. Clearly. Concisely. Creatively. Convincingly.


Direct Federal Credit Union asked us to breathe new life into their brand with everything from a new logo and tagline to updated advertising and marketing materials. The result is a modern, cohesive image focused on conveying the exceptional rates and service that have set this institution apart since 1953.

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The Seitz Partners logo and website capture the personal connection between these specialized Executive Search Consultants and their clients.

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To introduce their lighting—and themselves—to the commercial market, Amerlux turned to us for an integrated campaign featuring print advertising that pushed the product benefits while reinforcing the company name.

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As part of our “Life Questions. Direct Answers” campaign for Direct Federal Credit Union, we created a series of affordable, memorable TV spots, including this one for CDs.

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How do you rebrand your bank to appeal to a younger audience without alienating your current customer base? Just ask East Cambridge Savings Bank. With our help, they ran a series of radio spots that introduced their new look, elevated their strengths, and conveyed their personality. Oh, and increased their business!

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Rebrand Radio - Mrs. Parker

Seth and Mike have been an extension of our team for over 8 years and I have worked with them professionally for over 14 years. Their ability to translate marketing goals, objectives, and messaging into standout, creative, and strategic campaigns blows my mind with every project.


Their willingness to help no matter how big or small the project is, their flexibility and ability to pivot seamlessly when needed, and their commitment to providing on-time, on-message, and on-budget work are what make them stand out. If you are looking for a creative partner to help your team, reach out to Mike & Seth. Personally, they are great human beings, and professionally they are great creative thinkers. You will be happy you made the call.

    Kristen J.

    Vice President of Brand Experience,
    Direct Federal Credit Union


Whether you’d like to leverage our skills or just pick our brains, we’re here for you. So don’t be shy. Get in touch.

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