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From Bags to bottles to boxes, packaging can have a profound effect on both a company’s image and a customer’s purchasing. We can help you make a positive impact on both fronts, and not just with our design capabilities. Our packaging partner will customize the perfect solution for you in terms of product security, environmental sustainability, and shipping efficiency. Contact us for details.

Red Thread Cold Brew Coffee, glass bottles with branded labels in four delicious flavors.
Red Thread Cold Brew Coffee

Tasked with creating a series of labels for Red Thread’s different cold brew coffee flavors, we developed an overall design and color palette to produce a cohesive, complementary product line presentation. The goal was to deliver a clean, appealing design while incorporating the brand’s unique story, any required nutritional information, and a multitude of legally required marks and product details. Once the labels were approved and printed, we also provided the client with a library of product photography for use across their digital, social, and traditional marketing efforts.

Good karma never tasted so good!
DropLeaf Farm

After naming the company and designing their logo, we were tasked with developing packaging for this hydroponic farming company, landing on a solution that is as fresh, clean, and unique as the product itself.

DropLeaf Farm. A branded lettuce bag, front and back.
Cisbio Assays

Created to house a variety of different assay kits, our packaging for Cisbio uses a consistent 2-color design across all sizes for instant brand recognition, easy shelf identification, and cost-efficient printing. Each also prominently features the tagline we developed for the company that conveys its commitment to effective assays and collaborative service—“Interaction is everything.”

Cisbio Packaging branded box, and a clean-seal bag.
VIAFLO-An array of branded laboratory packaging.

Clean and sophisticated, our packaging for Viaflo leverages the overall brand image we developed for this laboratory pipetting company. From tips to reservoirs, each product is presented in predominantly white boxes designed to reinforce a sense of purity and sterility and to stand out in a supply room environment filled with busy, overly complicated packaging.

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