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From interactive sales tools to custom Powerpoint presentations, we offer an array of ways to tell your story and talk to customers. Far beyond a cookie-cutter slide show, we provide fully branded executions designed to engage audiences, convey capabilities, simplify sales pitches, and more.

London Harness

Asked to develop an interactive Sales Tool for the store’s custom corporate gifts, we created a clean, engaging presentation that streamlined the sales process and showcased the customization capabilities and sophisticated personality of London Harness.

Mitchell Construction Group

Rather than making room on the table for a few binders full of forms and outdated sales materials, the search for a better alternative was answered with an easily updated interactive PDF. Rather than flipping through pages, the content can now be easily found in just a couple of taps on screen. Whether it's on an iPad or any other tablet, anyone on the team can share the details and examples of the Mitchell Construction Group design/build process with their customers in their homes or at the office.


With an enormous product line, vast service offering, and broad geographic reach, Raymond needed a corporate Powerpoint deck that conveyed the forklift company’s capabilities and could be easily adapted for different audiences and applications. With a mix of slide designs and a common conceptual thread, we developed a library of user-selectable content that works together seamlessly to create a flowing, engaging, customizable presentation.

Raymond Corporate Power Point Presentation
Mitchell Construction Group

As more and more people choose to stay in their homes in retirement and beyond, there’s a growing need for specialized renovations that add to the simplicity and quality of life for older generations. Recognizing this trend, Mitchell Construction Group asked us to create an “Aging In Place” presentation that was both informational and educational. Chaptered and easily navigable, the PowerPoint allows the presenter to address audience questions by jumping to specific content for a more tailored, engaging, and dynamic presentation.

Mitchel Construction Group Power Point Presentation
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